We budget in detail, forcing critical cost issues to be identified and addressed early in the design process.
Our estimators have provided conceptual estimates on billions of dollars of large, phased, and complex construction projects. We understand the cost issues of renovation, continuous occupancy and other special requirements. The first step in developing your cost will be to review available documents to identify project scope and to identify the largest areas of cost risk.  Our next step will be to coordinate with your staff on project elements to be included and to establish the report formats and cost tracking categories necessary. We find out from you how you want your money spent and how it is accounted.  Established cost categories structure the framework for developing the budget for maintaining and monitoring throughout the design process.  Once the budget is established we make sure it is communicated to members of the project team and that the team understands the cost objectives and pricing parameters. 

We develop design phase estimates to be pro active management tools - not just documentation.
During the design phase comprehensive estimates will be developed at various stages in the design process as required.  Our estimators know how to fill in the blanks on preliminary design documents.  Estimators assigned to projects are professionals with “real world” knowledge of construction and an understanding of the complexities of design phase estimating. Our estimators work closely with designers during Schematic Design and Design Development to insure that all the design requirements are priced.  If assumptions are necessary they are documented for the project team to review. Estimate review meetings help to insure that the estimate is inclusive of all design parameters and any current cost issues from the design team, project management team and your staff. Design phase estimates are compared to the original budget to identify cost variances and cost trends.  If design requirements should cause overruns we will work to re-balance the available dollar.  We help minimize cost overruns by making value engineering an ongoing process; not just a single event.  Early in the design process we can explore alternative design solutions to provide a quality facility cost effectively.  Life cycle costing can also be performed early to help balance first cost versus long term costs. Throughout the project we’ll keep current price tags visible so informed decisions can be made. 

We believe change order management begins with the construction documents prior to bidding.
As the final estimate is being created estimators analyze the drawings for coordination issues, comprehensibility, and constructability and completeness of documents.  Our estimators work with the designers to help incorporate clarifications.  If estimators have questions, it could become a field problem during construction.